Innvein integrates many different music styles, which has led critics and fans to label it as Symphonic Progressive Metal.

The band started in early 2012 when Eduardo (Bass) and Ignacio (Guit. & Voc) got together with Rodrigo (Keys), and decided to start a Progressive Metal project, with various influences. Later on, Hernan (Drums) joined and started working with the band to complete the songs for an Ep.

In late 2012, Innvein began to add symphonic elements, such as Choirs and Orchestral arrangements into its music. The original idea was to release an Ep with two songs for promotion, but in the end the band recorded an 8-track LP in early 2013, at Absolute Studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After several shows, the band realized that something was missing in their sound. That was when Patricio (Guit. & Growl voc) joined the band to complete the current line-up. Innvein is about to release its debut album called “Timeless” in late November, 2013. “Timeless” features 8 tracks full of agressive guitar riffs, drum blasting and melodic vocals with atmospheric keyboards.